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Orthodontic technologies have considerably enhanced the effectiveness, comfort, and aesthetic attractiveness of wearing braces for the patients of today. Many individuals who were once worried about having to wear braces with big metal mounts and thick bands on their teeth for years are now appreciating healthy new smiles thanks to shorter, less obtrusive orthodontic care.


New Options for Conventional Braces

With conventional braces, brackets held together by a metal loop that goes around the entire row of teeth and are pasted to each tooth. Modern advances have eliminated heavy brackets of yesteryear and the thick metal bands. There are also stronger glues available which means smaller, more tightly bonded brackets. Thick bands have been replaced by thin wires which are not only are harder to see, but also more effective at adjusting teeth.

These smaller, more powerful components translate into a shorter treatment duration, and ultimately fewer adjustment appointments. Along with less time in braces, the new advances also improve oral health. Thick mounts and bands were difficult to clean around, and several patients suffered consequently from tooth discoloration. Over time, the exposed enamel around each mount darkened from inadequate cleaning, while the shade underneath each bracket was protected; lighter spots could be seen in the centers of many teeth when the brackets were removed. Thankfully, such a problem is infrequently caused by braces, provided patients brush consistently. Contact us today for your braces consultation.